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Medical Supplies

  • DHP (Dearborn Heights Pharmacy) is a provider of prescription medications, diabetes supplies and home medical equipment. DPH, pharmacists and staff take great pride in providing superior customer care and prompt and reliable service.

    Consider DPH for all of your medical equipment, medical supply and pharmacy needs!


    Orthopedic Braces

    Walking Canes

    Nebulizer for Asthma

    Children's Ortho Braces

    Athletic Tape

    Dearborn Heights Pharmacy is committed to providing you and your families' exceptional services. From treatment providing you and your families' exceptional services. From treatment options.

  • Refills Online

    We have Online Refills for our customers.  It seems that everything is online and so is DHP Community Pharmacy!  The online refills are SO convenient if you have elderly parents or if you are on a chronic prescription medication such as high blood medication.

  • Online Orders

    DHP has online ordering for your families connivence and it's especially convenient when taking care of an elderly family member.  Just tell us what you need, push submit and we will get it ready for you.  DHP is here to help service the community. 

  • Friendly Service

    Have you ever been it a large pharmacy and felt like you are bothering the pharmacist or staff.  Not at DHP.  We love what we do and are here to help you with all your pharmacy questions and concerns.  You will be greeted with a smile and a caring staff member.  Our Friendly Service is just one thing that keeps bringing our customers back again and again.