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About Us

Best Pharmacy with the Best people who give World Class Service and always go the extra mile for all of there customers.

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About Us

  • Dearborn Heights Pharmacy  has been in business for over 10 years. With a Staff of 6, our dedication and pharmaceutical services is simply unmatched. Nabil Fakih, Pharmacist, is a graduate of Wayne State University, where he received the prestigious Wayne County Award. In addition, Nabil is a Foundation Member at Henry Ford Community College. With valuable insight and market experience, he leads a seasoned group of true pharmaceutical professionals. His commitment to serving the needs of the community is truly unsurpassed. Let Nabil and his wonderful team achieve all your desired results.

    Nabil Fakih, has been appointed to the Michigan Board of Pharmacy by Governor Rick Synder.  The eleven board members are responsible for regulating and inspecting the practice of pharmacy and drugs manufactured in the State of Michigan.

  • Why us

    Dearborn Heights Pharmacy is committed to providing you and your families' exceptional services. From treatment providing you and your families' exceptional services. From treatment options.

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    Years of Experience

    With over ten years of experience the staff of DHP and owner/pharmacist Nabil Fakih says, I enjoy interacting with patients and being independent.  The large pharmacy chains change pharmacists almost weekly.  Our patients know me by name and call me on my cell phone after hours if they need me.  We treat them like family, says Nabil Fakih.

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    Our Patients

    Dearborn Heights Pharmacy (DHP) serves Dearborn Heights and surrounding communities, accepts most insurances and offers FREE prescription delivery to all Seniors in Wayne, County.

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    Serving Our Neighborhood

    Our Specialties include, Prescriptions, Refills and Compounding,  High Quality Medical Supplies,  Diabetic Supplies, Lowest Prices,  Free Prescription Delivery,  Free Blood Pressure and Sugar Testing, Medication Consultations,  Medical Equipment,  Convenient Pharmacy Hours,  We Deliver to Your Doorstep- FREE, and We Beat all Competitors Price

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    Ask the Pharmacist

    Dearborn Heights Pharmacy is committed to providing you and your families’ exceptional services. From treatment options to the latest medications, we will facilitate all your requests in a timely manner. For any questions, concerns or pricing information, please Ask Your Pharmacist today.
    Your Dedicated Staff, 

    Nabil Fakih, Pharmacist 
    Dearborn Heights Pharmacy – Where Our Family Is Yours.