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  • Refills Online

    We have Online Refills for our customers.  It seems that everything is online and so is DHP Community Pharmacy!  The online refills are SO convenient if you have elderly parents or if you are on a chronic prescription medication such as high blood medication.

  • Online Orders

    DHP has online ordering for your families connivence and it's especially convenient when taking care of an elderly family member.  Just tell us what you need, push submit and we will get it ready for you.  DHP is here to help service the community. 

  • Friendly Service

    Have you ever been it a large pharmacy and felt like you are bothering the pharmacist or staff.  Not at DHP.  We love what we do and are here to help you with all your pharmacy questions and concerns.  You will be greeted with a smile and a caring staff member.  Our Friendly Service is just one thing that keeps bringing our customers back again and again.

  • Our Services
    • Fast Service

      Do you know why the national pharmacy chains make you wait 20 minutes or the mega markets put the pharmacy at the very back of the store?  They want you to shop more and buy things you do NOT need.  DHP because we are a community pharmacy we can get to work right away.  In fact DHP has a 24/7 hotline that you can call in emergencies.  

    • Free Delivery

      We have home delivery!  Home delivery was a fab of the national pharmacy chains and then died out, maybe not cost effective for them?  DHP is committed to our community and elderly patients.  Like the US Postal Service, DHP delivers whatever the weather.

    • The Best Medicine

      DHP provides it's Seniors with a 30% discount on all their cash paying prescriptions, which is very helpful when you hit the Medicare donut hole.  DHP also has the best cash prices in the area.  Now you do not have to shop around for your prescription prices.

  • Client Testimonials
    • Best Pharmacy with the Best people who give World Class Service and always go the extra mile for all of there customers.

      S.C. - client
    • Because Nabil and all the staff are awesome and offer friendly services ...god bless you.

      J.A. - client
    • For someone who has worked for retail pharmacy chains for 12 yrs, I can definitely say that independently owned pharmacies have an advantage in customer service. You bypass corporate greed, company policies that put customers last, and time consuming processes. Dearborn heights pharmacy does not only meet all qualifications for the best customer service, but also guarentee that you receive your meds when requested. Couldn't ask for anything more...I hope you continue to grow and prosper in our community!

      L.B.- client
    • Incredibly honest and conveniently fast while keeping your best interest at mind.. Wouldn't go anywhere else!

      S.N. client